Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No, the world hasn't gone mad...

...just angry!

earlier this year, i posted the latest developments and there, i already assumed that by the end of this year, the face of our world wont be the same as in January.

Well, the developments the months since then, just proofed this thesis.
Greek announced bankruptcy, the financial situation in the western europe states Spain and Portugal is everything but calm as well, in the british capital London, the yout is rioting and looting since days, the USA stood very closely before a bankruptcy too, the Euro is going to get weaker on a daily base.

As if this would not be enough, some far right idiots are starting terror. because they blame the Norway government for killing the population of Norway with their immigration laws. And the chinese still get more and more affraid.

Egypt is at the brink of yet another revolution since the first revolution only resulted in Hosni Mubaraks resignation, else, nothing has changed.

And in all this, our conventional media is taking a whole other place than they used to have. Thanks to the internet, they are evrything but acual. They are merely summing up the events of the last 24 hours, but if you want to get real time informations, you better turn to facebook, twitter, etc.
In times of the internet, the conventional media gets an obsolete byproduct, because 24 hours just isnt fast enough anymore!

They say, 2012 is marking the beginning of a new era, not the end of the world or other "Doomsday-scenarios" the media often paints. The mayan calendar only says that, due to the constellation of the stars, a new era for mankind, a new system begins.

But looking at the latest developements, this is only a logic conclusion, the traditional system is flawed, those flaws got exploited over and over again. And instead of curing the root of those infections, politicians always try to cure the symptoms.

It is just like a doctor, who always prescribes different kinds of painkillers, if the stomach is hurting, instead of curing what is causing those pains. Somewhere, there is a point, those painkillers proof effectless, because of the plain overdosage, or the body getting immune. Then this doctor either lets the patiend die, or suffer for the rest of his life, or he tries a completely different approach, than medication.

The point, when the painkillers stopped to work, has been reached in my opinion, in egypt.
As i already said in another post:
getting more and more clear each passing day: By the end of this year, our world wont be the same.I think this year, we will have to undergo some HUGE changes.

The closer we get there, the more i believe that.

Lets just hope it will be for good!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actio et Reactio

If a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act upon the body that exerts the force.
 This is the third of Newtons laws of motion of classical mechanics. So broadly said:
To every action there is an equal reaction.
True, Newton meant this in a physical way and tried to explain how bodies interact with each other, but this also applies to almost everything. Physics, Biology, Economy, Medicine, and in the end, it applies to human behaviour as well.
Every action is the reasult of another action (so it is a reaction), which is the base for another reaction.

This principle is also known as causality (It is the relationship between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the second event is understood as a consequence of the first.[Wikipedia])

There is a reason for everything. Every action, every decission, simply everything is caused by some action prior to that. No matter if its conscious or not, and even no reaction, most of the times, it is a reaction as well.
Analog to Paul Watzlawick's quote "One cannot not communicate" (Every behaviour is a kind of communication. Because behaviour does not have a counterpart (there is no anti-behaviour), it is not possible not to communicate.) It is the same with reactions.

The same principle is transmittable on a global and actual Situation. Take the egyptian uprising for example. Back at the beginning of the year, the tunisians just freed themselves in a peaceful revolution. And the egypt population was upset already. They have been going more and more upset on a daily base due to corruption, heavy limitations on free speech, demographic changes (the youth of the time when Mubarak got his power is no more, and the youth of today had different values), and of course the dead and mourning over Khaled Said, answered again with police brutality (action). On the course of the people protesting, and this protests being answered in a violent way, they got more and more upset on a potential level (reaction). The result of all this, we can see today, just by looking at egypt today. 

Those two revolts with a lucky ending, were the very foundation of the Lybian uprising. But since the actions and reactions of both (Gadaffi and Protesters) were slightly different, the outcome differed as well, and of course there is always the component of chance playing a role in that.

I think this principle is valid for many more scenarios. It just seems that this principle just is not valid for politics. If politicians would take this as one of the basic principles of their act, some things might have not happened as they did, some laws, such as immigration laws, laws which are using force of security forces, and even wars would not exist.

And unless the circle of violence is not be broken, nothing will change, only more violence will be produced, producing more violence. In Gaza, the arab states, southern africa, colombia, violenc against immigrants and almost everywhere. Someone has to make a first step. 

Why this someone is not you and your neighboours? 

But to break it down in the end, one can say: 

Violence induces violence,
Compassion induces compassion,
Love induces love,
and all the rest of it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Allegory of the cave

Imagine a cave inhabited by prisoners who have been chained and held immobile since childhood and their arms and legs are held in place as well as their heads are fixed so they are compelled to gaze at a wall in front of them.
Behind those people is a wall, and behind this wall, is a gigantic fire, being the only source of light for those people. day in and day out. Between the fire and the wall is a walkway, where people are coming by, carrying things on their head, "including figures of men and animals made of wood, stone and other materials". The wall is just high enough to show those objects, but no head or anything else 

The prisoners watch the shadows cast by the men, not knowing they are shadows. There are also echoes off the wall from the noise produced from the walkway. Since the prisoners haven't seen anything else their whole life, they will take those shadows and the sounds of the echoes as the reality, and couldnt imagine the relity being any different than what they have been seeing all their lifes.

Schematics of the Cave describes by Socrates.

So far the starting scenario of the "allegory of the cave", a story (or allegory) told by Socrates, described by Plato in his "Republica". He was using this scenario in many of his debates with Plato's older brother Glaucon.
For Socrates, it was a base to describe "our nature in its education and want of education".

Those prisoners werent able to move since their limbs are chained, and since they only see the shadows, nothing but the shadows exist for them. Since there is a fire burning all the time, and since it never extinguishes, they wont even have an idea of even simple constructs as light and darkness. 

Socrates' scholar Plato added a new dimension to this allegory. He supposed, that somehow one of the prisoners is able to get free. And once he sees the original objects, who cast those shadows, he wouldnt recognize them, also he couldnt name them, since the only reality he knows, are the shadows he has seen all his life.
"Suppose further," Socrates says, "that the man was compelled to look at the fire: wouldn't he be struck blind and try to turn his gaze back toward the shadows, as toward what he can see clearly and hold to be real? What if someone forcibly dragged such a man upward, out of the cave: wouldn't the man be angry at the one doing this to him? And if dragged all the way out into the sunlight, wouldn't he be distressed and unable to see "even one of the things now said to be true," viz. the shadows on the wall" [1]
Well something like this, you may find often with people who try to close their eyes, when being confronted with ideologies other than their own. Complete denial, anger, sometimes distress.
"Socrates next asks Glaucon to consider the condition of this man. "Wouldn't he remember his first home, what passed for wisdom there, and his fellow prisoners, and consider himself happy and them pitiable? And wouldn't he disdain whatever honors, praises, and prizes were awarded there to the ones who guessed best which shadows followed which? Moreover, were he to return there, wouldn't he be rather bad at their game, no longer being accustomed to the darkness? Wouldn't it be said of him that he went up and came back with his eyes corrupted, and that it's not even worth trying to go up? And if they were somehow able to get their hands on and kill the man who attempts to release and lead up, wouldn't they kill him?"[2] 
This last, rather drastic ending of the killing, was added by Plato. But considering his devotion for his "teacher" Socrates, and the trial and imprisonment, resulting in Socrates' suicide, it is at least comprehensible, that many of Platos story have a drastic and extreme ending.

Although, older than the stories of the bible, at least 2050 years, this story has yet so many truth in it. you still can relate many  situations nowadays to this allegory, many reactions of people, many situations.
For example when i heard first of this story, some years ago, i was not picturing a "society in a cave" bout  more or less families in front of the TV, watching what the stations are broadcasting as the truth, and finally believing it. But as i found out, the TV is not the truth, nor is anything presented to someone as the truth. But who  is never willing to open his eyes, to go out of the cave and make his own experiences, instead of believing what is presented to him, will always believe what is told to him by others. 

By the way: this story is also the basic thought, which inspired Rosa Luxemburg to her (in certain antifascist/anarchist circles) famous aphorism: "Who is not moving, does not notice his chains" (Loosely translated from "Wer sich nicht bewegt, spürt seine Fesseln nicht!")

 [1], [2]: Watt, Stephen (1997), "Introduction: The Theory of Forms (Books 5–7)", Plato: Republic

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Academic Freedom and the Corporatization of Universities

Today a lection of Mr Chomsky about Academic Freedom and the Corporatization of Universities.

Here, it has finally been said:  The problems of university, and as well schools, healthcare and every other public fund institution is egoism. Especially in the US (not just there, all over Europe as well), people start to think that they dont have children, why should they pay for the education of other people? They are not sick, why should they pay for other peoples sickness? 

Of course this is the very problem. Most people live on their own, not caring about the people, or what is happening all around them (just look at ideas to save our enviroment, just ask why there hasnt been any efford put into finding an alternate energy source, far from oil). 
"Social security is based on a very dangerous Idea: It's based on the Idea, that you care about other people, that you care whether the disabled widow across the street has food. [...] What do i care? [...] The public attack on the public schools is based on the same principle 
So i dont have kids in school. So according to the principle, i should say: i dont have kids in school, why so why should i pay taxes? So that the kid over there could go to school? [...] So if you go down to the debts of savagery, we just dont care about anything but yourself. Thats the right attitude. 
Social security and public schools challenge that attitude, so they have to be dismantled. Kind of hard to proof this, nobody says it, but i think it is pretty clear"

This exactly what i think aboutall those debates about SOCIAL security (else it would be called asocial security), the very root of the problem is egoism!
People should really start to care about what is happening around them, and others, not only themselves 

P.S.: I know i have been lazy lately but there will be more to come soon. I Promise 

Monday, March 14, 2011


June 2009.
I arrived in the Hostel in Jena. Trying to search a new flat in the town, i am studying in.
There i found two people, i ahd a pretty good connection right away. Nedal from Israel, and Hitomi from Japan.
Well and saearching a flat in Jena is something like an impossible task! We decided to move in together, in a flat in Weimar, a town 30 Kilometres away from Jena. In August 2009, we moved in our very own flat. We had a fourth flatmate, Ariadne, who we had met in the same Hostel back then.
It was wonderful. Still i love thinking about our discussions, where Hitomi and me, were talking about everyone and his mother. Where we were exchanging thoughts, fears, hopes for the future. there was barely an issue left out.
Yes of course, there were some problems, but most of the time, i loved living with those guys. I still burst out of laughing about the moment i entered the kitchen, and suddenly started coughing. Because Hitomi was cooking her soup. A soup, which consists of a while ginger root on one litre of soup! I still laugh about when she tried to say that she want to get Onions when she get kids (Wenn ich groß bin, will ich mal Zwiebeln haben). Though she was trying to say that she want twins in german: Zwillinge). This very second, i thought i must die, due to all this laughing!

Hitomi was there for me, when i had problems, she was there for me, when i needed someone to talk to, but no one was. During the year we lived together, Hitomi grew to be my little sister, who i loved a very lot.

I hate the day, Hitomi left for Japan again,for finishing her studies in there. Just two months, ago, she graduated. And right after that, she came to visit germany, Jena again. The times i have seen her, were really, REALLY good. I loved to see my sister again, talking to her. DAMN, I really missed that girl! I was happy to hear, that she is really fine. Found a job after her graduation, found a person, she is about to fall in love. Finally, she got what she deserved all those years!

Hitomi, my sister, I hope somehow you will be reading this.
But still, i want you to know anyway that: I love you Inoto-San, and the time i spent with you and Nedal in Weimar, i had some of the happiest i ever had. THANK YOU!

Update 2011-03-16 0:45 GMT: Luckily i got message from her. She was inline in IM a short time and she is fine. It is good to know that she is still good. Maybe i should stop, being that pessimistic! Although it is not easy, especially with so many sad and depressing news lately.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Has the world gone mad?

Let me tell you, it has!

Okay... where to start.. where to start?
Well the best would be, we begin at the begining of the year 2011.

The Tunese population, freed themselves without using any violence. Tunisia now finally is free from decades of oppression.
This peaceful revolt made the egyptian population bold. After years of oppression, corruption and lies from the government towards the people, egypt has gone mad, angry and very furious. Inspired by the Tunisian revolt, they started their own revolt. The dead of Khaled Said marked pretty much the beginning of the revolt. I started following the whole incident, and Al Jazeera became a perfect source for getting informations the latest and newest developements. Yes, i do have a good friend, who lives in Cairo, but due to family matters, he was not taking part in this uprising, so i was glad, that i do not have to worry about him.
I was very glad the day, Hosni Mubarak Stepped back, the world seemed in order, and it seemed that social Justice prevailed.
It was not only Tunisia and Egypt which had a huge uprising for freedom and democracy, but by far it was the biggest, and most successful ones, we can only hope, that the other countries will get their Justice soon.

It took no long time, until i got word over Al Jazeera about the situation in Lybia. It was outrageous, this is a genocide.. it is still going on, ut the more i see about this crisis, the more i am sure about one thing: Lybia is no Tunisia, Lybia is no Egypt.
The "protesters" just seem to well armed, too well prepared for having a spontaneous uprising like in the countries, surrounding lybia. Nevertheless, the reaction of Muhammad Gadaffi is very bad. It MUST be condemned by everyone, being in favor of freedom.
But as people, being far away from Lybia, we have not much chances to watch. Nothing more, watch and spread information.

As if all this wouldnt be enough, shit gone lose in Japan (sorry for the choice of words, but...). A huge earthquake, Richter-Scale 8.6 occured... followed by a huge Tsunami wave. I have someone in Japan, i hold very, very dear, and i care about a lot. The time, waiting for her, getting word that she is okay, nearly killed me, and really strained on my nerves a lot. Fortunatelly, she is okay and nothing happened to er. Heck she didnt even knew about this, until she turned on the news!
But a few hours later, the next shock: several atom reactors in Japan are o the brink of collapsing. If the technicians will fail to keep the reactors stable, this could easily end in a huge desaster... Chernobyl style!
With the one difference, that Chernobyl back then, wasnt that crowded like Japan is. I really hope nothing will happen, and the reactors will hold. Else, this will be really bad.

I got some rest.. but while getting the rest, a thought occured to me, and havent got off me, for a long time. for keeping the reactors stable, technicians had to release some pressure, so nuclear air got released. And since some of the people, i really love, life not that far away, in Indonesia, i got really shocked!
The following hours, i was at the brink of a nervous collapse. I mean, some of the most beloved people, the love of my life amongst them (who is the one person responsible for me, keeping my sanity, while hell seems to break lose all over the world) , living a few thousand kilometres away, could be threatened by a cloud of nuclear waste!

I started to gather as much info as possible. I studied how to take 'precaution' (in how far you can take precaution in a desaster like this) and informed myself about Potassium iodide. How it works, how to take and to get it, the risks, almost everything i found on it. While doing this, i started gathering more information on a second issue: the weather.

Sure, back in school, i learned how to read weather and IR maps of satelites. But most of it i already forgot, so i had to begin from zero. First problem there: if you need to search information for that, you wuill find like a million websites, selling you a full service, but the actual maps, i needed. After 3 hours, i found a map, i could use for this. And i was able to analize it.
'Fortunatelly', the wind is going to east, so not indonesia, but theWest coast of USA is in danger with that. It may sound selfish, but i was reliefed, after finding this out, and i felt like the weight of the whole last weeks, started to wear off me. I felt that tired and everything. As a conclusion, i decided to stop covering the news once again, for staying sane.
Because unless the other crises this year, there, a lot of people i care a lot about, were involved and endangered. Still, my friend in Japan, is not safe from the nuclear thread. I only can hope for the best!

to be continued, for sure! .......

More informations on the uprisings all over the world: http://swampalmanac.com

UPDATE 03:40 GMT: cctv (chinese channel) says that Honshu jolted by magnitude 6.0 aftershock. Kyushu island volcano erupts again shooting gas and ash 4,000 metres into the sky
I say no further... the worls HAS gone crazy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dalai Lama's Instructions for life:

- Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
- When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
- Follow the three R's:
- Respect for self.
- Respect for others.
- Responsibility for all your actions.
- Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
- Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
- Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
- When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
- Spend some time alone everyday.
- Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
- Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
- Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.
- A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
- In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.
- Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
- Be gentle with the earth.
- Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
- Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
- Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
- Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Times are changing...

... and so are persons, motives, places, looks and everything.

In life nearly nothing stays constant! So is my reason for blogging.
First i started out with this blog as a "personal diary" because i have many people all over the world, i'd like to keep in touch with.. i was blogging for letting people know how i felt. Later the motive was changing more or less to issues, I have been thinking about, but was not able to speak about to most of my friends - whatever the reasons were.
Well and since a pretty while i have been changing myself. There were certain events in this last year, which changed my way of thinking and a lot more...

This is the main reason for removing the personal related Informations in this blog!
I still want to inform. But not only my friends. I want to share
certain views and thoughts about certain events - mostly politics and the worlds situation mixed with some of my own philosophy (thats why the name and place-change)- to a wider circle of persons. So if you know persons, who could be interested in the things and views i have been writing about lately, i would be happy about every new reader, because the purpose of this blog is not just, to let my beloved know my views, but everyone who is interested!

I hope you like the new design and some of the few changes i have been making everywhere ;)

By the way: If you have a different opinion, or you want to agree etc, etc, you always can comment on the issues. I think the greatest thing about blogging, is that its not just one way like the news. No it works both ways, i can get feedback as well!
And... well lets face it: i am not always right either, so critics are welcome as well, as long as they are somewhat logic.

so please:

enjoy dear reader!

-Paul Scharf-

(yes this is the last time i give away private informations to everyone reading. most of the followers know me on a personal level anyway... i hope this would change somehow anyway.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Könnte ich - If only i could - Maxim

If only i could bury those dreams,
bury allthe plans
If only i could tame my desires
and paralyze my world!
If only i could bend myself
if only i could force myself,
to end this chapter
just like that, right in the middle
If only i could forget who i am
If only i could drift myself
watch how the dreams withdraw.
Just accenpt it,
stop struggling against all this shit
bury the memories in a drawer
and accept that im living in an illusion, i try to catch the stars
Everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this
everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this
If only i could step in front of an assembly line, for counting the hours
after cudgeling my mind day after day
If only i could hush, and act like everything is okay
after i've written my fingers sorem out of hatred for this sick planet!
But for this, it is already too late!
If only i could find peace for the soul and the heart,
i called upon the soirits, now they are here and wont let me free
If only i could come further,
if i'd knew i dont do it my way.
If only i could just forget
that a part of me is missing.
Everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this
everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this
Everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this
everytime i think about it, the anxiety grows
because i have come too far for this

Könnte ich alle die Träume wieder vergraben,
all die Pläne wieder verschaben
Mein Verlangen wieder zähmen,
meine Welt wieder lähmen
Könnte ich mich wieder verbiegen
Könnte ich mich jetzt noch zwingen,
dieses Kapitel abzuschließen
einfach so, mittendrinn
Könnte ich jetz noch vergessen wer ich bin
Könnte ich mich treiben lassen,
zusehen wie mein Ziel sich entfernt
Es einfach akzeptieren,
aufhören mich gegen all den Scheiß zu wehren
all die Erinnerungen ein für alle mal in eine Schublade stellen
und mir eingestehen du lebst in einer Illusion, greifst nach den Sternen
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen
Könnte ich mich jetzt noch vor ein Fließband stellen, um die Stunden zu zählen,
nachdem ich mir den Kopf zermater Tag für Tag
Könnte ich wieder schweigen, so tun als wäre alles okay
nachdem ich mir die Finger wund geschrieben hab, aus Wut auf diesen kranken Planet
es is dafür längst zu spät
Könnte ich noch Ruhe finden für Seele und Herz,
ich hab die Geister geweckt, nun sind sie da und geben mich nich wieder her
Könnte ich noch vorwärts kommen,
wenn ich wüsste ich geh nich mal meinen Weg
Könnte ich irgendwann einmal vergessn,
dass ein Teil von mir fehlt
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen
und immer wenn ich daran denk, packt mich die Angst,
denn dafür bin ich schon viel zu weit gegangen

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The role of social media during the recent uprisings.

I just seen a pretty good report about the role of social media about the recent ongoings throughout the northern african countries. But see for yourself:

lets hope, it will be an enhancement!

Since beginning this year, one thing is getting more and more clear each passing day:
By the end of this year, our world wont be the same.
I think this year, we will have to undergo some HUGE changes.

Because its not "just" northern africa protesting.
The downfall of the existing regimes will bring heavy changes to our western economy.

EGYPT was one of the biggest allies of the US, controlling the suez canal which is thegate to the asian world for europe and america. Its a stratecically important point

LYBIA, where the situation is getting more and more out of hand, is one of the biggest oil suppliers to the western world. So a change in the lybian politics will heavily change the price of oil, which we know is one of the most important resources of the US/European economy. Without oil, we are going to experience heavy problems. Prices for everything are going to get up in a big manner.
How an industrialized country works without the supply of oil, you can see if you just take a brief look to Northern Corea, since the US cut the oil supplies, the country is rotting more and more!

BAHRAIN, another strategically important point of the US, where several Marine batallions of the US Navy are staged, is at the brink of serious changes as well.
This means the USA are going to lose one more important ally and is going to lose influence on the world map once more.

The IRAN just was entering the suez canal with two battleships, heading towards SYRIA, trying to exploit the recent situation in northern africa to get out ot those uprisings with any kind of advantage.
What they are doing and what their objectives are is yet unclear.
But this will complicate the Crisis once more.
Yet the situations were "only" inner-lateral and every of the countries had to take care of their own people. But once, Iran is going to attack, the situation becomes uni-lateral and then, no one could predict the outcome!

And lets not forget the whole ISRAEL issue! Yet it has been silent around the whole issue. But Al Jazeera was realeasing just two months ago the so called "Palestine Papers" which contains 1,684 total documents which show the whole Middle-East Proces in another light. The whole process, yet happpened in secret, but the publishing of the Palestine papers reaveals some big surprises, concerning the proces. Still we have to wait, until the documents are going to get fully analyzed.
One thing i realized hile having a brief look over the papers: The whole situation is WAY MORE complicated as i ever thought it was. so i think no one, being not involved in the peace proces is not nearly qualified enough to develop his own opinion. Even if you go through the whole papers.

So let us all pray that the recent situations are all solved in the best, possible way, liberating the long supressed peoples all over northern africa, even if "WE" will have to face disadvantages out of this!

#1 If thats all not enough, the CHINESE government gets pretty much nervous about the recent worlds situation.

#2 The Resistance is not stopping at the borders of the U.S.! WISCONSIN is pretty much struggling for their rights as well!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A spectre is hauning Sinai - the spectre of freedom!

Lebanon is on the brink of creating a new government, one the population is asking for!

Egypt is still in unrest, though Mubarak is gone, nothing has changed, the reformation process is still going on.

While both countries are in the middle of their more or less peaceful changes, the spirit goes on further and further!

Lybia, is on the brink of escalating. No one really knows what exactly happens there and how people are thinking. People who are dependant on the government such as students and so on are being forced to demonstrate for the government, which is showed all over TV, so Ghadaffi tries to calm down the population by bribing people.

Bahrain is starting to get really chaotic at the moment, since police and military try to answer with violence, unrest is getting slowly out of hand.

Yemen and Iran are in an unclear state at the moment. One thing is sure: the Lebanese Revolution started to infect more and more people all over northern Africa/Arabia.
Yet already this revolution changed the face of the world nowaday, during the next year, we will see if this change whether has been good or bad for peoples freedom.

And one more thing: Since global awareness has been raising more and more since the Wikileaks incident and the momentary situation in Northern Africa, the word of "ANONYMOUS" is getting spread more and more widely.

For further information, look here:

Al Jazeera livestream - covers the recent developments 24/7
Anonymous News Network - Getting new information from the underground around the clock
We Are All Khaled Said - Point zero of the Egypt revolution. Still contains useful information about the government changing procedure - The recent adress of Wikileaks, constantly changing since they are on a game of cats and mouse with most of the worlds authorities
Interactive map including the latest twitter feeds on the arab uprisings

I cant wait!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yet music has always been the best way to express feelings in my opinion.
Well i think the songs speak for themselves!

To summarize it in a few words: Aku cinta dan kangen kamu tak terhingga, karuniaku

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why should i care...?

Over the last weeks i have been intensively covering the news about Egypt. Okay i admitt it was a bit too much, because it began to affect my personal life too heavy. My exams i should have learned for, my time at all, my love life. Thats why i stepped on the break with that and i stopped covering the issue that intensively.

Also i came to know that some people started talking behind my back, its not like people couldnt talk to me, even critisizm is welcome, as long as it is at least a bit productive. And this one is!
So why they started talking behind my back that i am exaggerating over this issue, why not telling myself, so i see their point and i might step back in the intensivity. But if i dont know that other people see it this way, i cant change it.
For those who are too much of a coward to tell me directly, here is some thoughts leading me to my opinion and the coverage of the recent problemacy:
During this time, i often heard four words which made me really angry: Why should i care?

Well about the issue itself: I think this uprising, as well as the Lebanese movement, are really important for us. As Humans, evern a bit as europeans, you just should start looking into the past AND the future.
Right after Lebanon, Egyptians started demonstrating and demanding a change, Syria was quick to introduce changes.

A spectre is hauning Sinai - the spectre of freedom!

Clearly you feel the pan-arabic region uprising and fighting for their freedom, for their tomorrow, for their dignity. And this could be a big step towards a better future, but why should i care?
Why should i care the thousands who has been dieing for their, their childrens and their grandchildrens freedom? It doesnt make sense because i dont know them, right?
Well did i knew the french people back in 1789?
No i didnt, but still i love every single one of them who died in the streets of Paris. Because THEY are the reason, we live (relatively) free in the western world nowadays.

Without this movement, today wouldnt be closely to what it is recently. They have been clearing the path for our own freedom. People all over the world started to think why they should care about the frenchmen's cause? Yeah now some years later, we see why they should have done
And clearly i see paralels between the french revolution and the egypt liberty movement. They could be the way, the arab people start living their lives in freedom, the world would be one step closer to freedom, the world, WE LIVE IN could start to look a little bit more like Utopia.
So why should i care? I dont see any reason except having friends down there for those i started to be affraid every single day, since i heard about the uprising.
THIS! Is r´the reason why we should care and start showing solidary, for a hope of a better tomorrow! Maybe it wont be our tomorrow, or those of our children, but at some point, people will benefit from that, and this alone is worth fighting for!

I the left german movement i heard so many people talking about "Liebig 14", a squatted house. And when i read and heard opinions about that, they started to say that this is about freedom, about liberty, about the lack of governmental control. Wait!
Isnt that the same reasons why we should start to care about egypt? Are they different, just because they are arabs? Because they are Moslems?
Obviously they must be, else categories wouldnt have been introduced.
I think german leftist movement is solidary. But only with things which pays off for them directly!
So why should i care?

Why should i care freedom at all? Life is so much more convenient when i dont have to think about what i am going to do tomorrow, right? Life is so much more pleasure when someone is telling me what i like and what i dont like. And especially life is so joyful when i am exactly as everyone other, so why should i care?

Why should i care anything which is not concerning (directly) germany or our private lifes?
The answer is easy. back a few years, financia crisis showed us, and the one before that, and the one before THAT. Its because nowadays, you cant just see a single country. You always have to watch in how far every action will affect the other. Because one thing we learned out of the financial crisis, is that our world is like a spiders web, if you remove one string, the others start to get lose. And the more strings you will remove, the more lose the web ggets. So basically everything, going on everywhere affects us. If you cant see it now, you will see it another day, but everything is connected. Except some rainforest native tribes, they arent connected and they live their lives on their own, but do we want to live like that, just for being independant from the rest of the world?

We arethe vioce of freedom.
We are the voice of liberty!
We are everyone and no one!
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Solidarity is a Weapon.
Expect us!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The reason why i like you, is:

ღ I like the way you look.

ღ I like that you would spend even more time with me, when the day would have more hours.

ღ I like that there is no secrets between us.

ღ I like that right from the start, we acted as one soul.

ღ I like that finally came together, what is meant to be unite.

ღ I like that you are willing to give up everything, just to be with me for a year.

ღ I like that you always look stunning, even when you just woke up, you look incredible.

ღ I like the way your nose jiggles sometimes when you are sleeping.

ღ I like that i am just me, and you still like me!

ღ I like that you have no problem to let everyone know about us.

ღ I like that you dont mind the age gap.

ღ I like that you love me even with all my faults.

ღ I like that we tell us everything, regardless if its good or not, regardless if it matters or not.

ღ I like that you are actually listening, not wait for your turn to talk.

ღ I like your life dreams, because they are mine. And mine are yours!

ღ I like that we already make every big decission together.

ღ I like that you know me from the inside, like no one else ever did or does.

ღ I like that there is NOTHING MORE important for you, than i am.

ღ I like the way you smile! ♥

ღ I like that you can read my mind just by looking at me.

ღ I like the way you make me smile.

ღ I like how your eyes are sparkling when you are happy.

ღ I like your beautiful vioce.

ღ I like that even the silence between us feels right and perfect, because it is time spent with you!

ღ I like you because you make me feel like i never felt before.

ღ I like that i can tell you anything and you never will be shocked.

ღ I like that you make time standing still, even if its fun.

ღ I like that you are never boring.

ღ I like that when you are with me, you never get bored.

ღ I like that we seem to be a perfect match.

ღ I like you because we can be silly together. Without shame! ♥

ღ I like that always when i think about you, life is perfect.

ღ I like that you lay aside your work just for spending time with me.

ღ I like you because you complete me!

ღ I like that nothing brings out the best of me, like your presence does.

ღ I like that since you came into my life, everything became so much brighter.

ღ I like that you always say, what i need to hear.

ღ I like that you are my ignition, my delight, my life, my biggest treasure and MY BEST FRIEND.

ღ I like that you know all my secrets and.

ღ I like that you are keeping them! ♥

ღ I like you because since you are on my side, i can take on the whole world, because i know you are on my side.

ღ I like that since i know you, my life just started on a new plane of existence.

ღ I like that no matter how affraid or excited i am, you manage to calm me down!

ღ I like that when i am with you, everything is fun.

ღ I like you because you are simply irresistible.

With you, a second becomes a lifetime, a minute becomes a century and a day becomes eternity! ♥

You are the light in my life, and you are (obviously) the inspiration. ♥

♥ I am sure there is a million more things, i havent mentioned here, because everyday there's something new that keep me loving you...♥