Monday, March 07, 2011

Times are changing...

... and so are persons, motives, places, looks and everything.

In life nearly nothing stays constant! So is my reason for blogging.
First i started out with this blog as a "personal diary" because i have many people all over the world, i'd like to keep in touch with.. i was blogging for letting people know how i felt. Later the motive was changing more or less to issues, I have been thinking about, but was not able to speak about to most of my friends - whatever the reasons were.
Well and since a pretty while i have been changing myself. There were certain events in this last year, which changed my way of thinking and a lot more...

This is the main reason for removing the personal related Informations in this blog!
I still want to inform. But not only my friends. I want to share
certain views and thoughts about certain events - mostly politics and the worlds situation mixed with some of my own philosophy (thats why the name and place-change)- to a wider circle of persons. So if you know persons, who could be interested in the things and views i have been writing about lately, i would be happy about every new reader, because the purpose of this blog is not just, to let my beloved know my views, but everyone who is interested!

I hope you like the new design and some of the few changes i have been making everywhere ;)

By the way: If you have a different opinion, or you want to agree etc, etc, you always can comment on the issues. I think the greatest thing about blogging, is that its not just one way like the news. No it works both ways, i can get feedback as well!
And... well lets face it: i am not always right either, so critics are welcome as well, as long as they are somewhat logic.

so please:

enjoy dear reader!

-Paul Scharf-

(yes this is the last time i give away private informations to everyone reading. most of the followers know me on a personal level anyway... i hope this would change somehow anyway.)

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