Sunday, March 13, 2011

Has the world gone mad?

Let me tell you, it has!

Okay... where to start.. where to start?
Well the best would be, we begin at the begining of the year 2011.

The Tunese population, freed themselves without using any violence. Tunisia now finally is free from decades of oppression.
This peaceful revolt made the egyptian population bold. After years of oppression, corruption and lies from the government towards the people, egypt has gone mad, angry and very furious. Inspired by the Tunisian revolt, they started their own revolt. The dead of Khaled Said marked pretty much the beginning of the revolt. I started following the whole incident, and Al Jazeera became a perfect source for getting informations the latest and newest developements. Yes, i do have a good friend, who lives in Cairo, but due to family matters, he was not taking part in this uprising, so i was glad, that i do not have to worry about him.
I was very glad the day, Hosni Mubarak Stepped back, the world seemed in order, and it seemed that social Justice prevailed.
It was not only Tunisia and Egypt which had a huge uprising for freedom and democracy, but by far it was the biggest, and most successful ones, we can only hope, that the other countries will get their Justice soon.

It took no long time, until i got word over Al Jazeera about the situation in Lybia. It was outrageous, this is a genocide.. it is still going on, ut the more i see about this crisis, the more i am sure about one thing: Lybia is no Tunisia, Lybia is no Egypt.
The "protesters" just seem to well armed, too well prepared for having a spontaneous uprising like in the countries, surrounding lybia. Nevertheless, the reaction of Muhammad Gadaffi is very bad. It MUST be condemned by everyone, being in favor of freedom.
But as people, being far away from Lybia, we have not much chances to watch. Nothing more, watch and spread information.

As if all this wouldnt be enough, shit gone lose in Japan (sorry for the choice of words, but...). A huge earthquake, Richter-Scale 8.6 occured... followed by a huge Tsunami wave. I have someone in Japan, i hold very, very dear, and i care about a lot. The time, waiting for her, getting word that she is okay, nearly killed me, and really strained on my nerves a lot. Fortunatelly, she is okay and nothing happened to er. Heck she didnt even knew about this, until she turned on the news!
But a few hours later, the next shock: several atom reactors in Japan are o the brink of collapsing. If the technicians will fail to keep the reactors stable, this could easily end in a huge desaster... Chernobyl style!
With the one difference, that Chernobyl back then, wasnt that crowded like Japan is. I really hope nothing will happen, and the reactors will hold. Else, this will be really bad.

I got some rest.. but while getting the rest, a thought occured to me, and havent got off me, for a long time. for keeping the reactors stable, technicians had to release some pressure, so nuclear air got released. And since some of the people, i really love, life not that far away, in Indonesia, i got really shocked!
The following hours, i was at the brink of a nervous collapse. I mean, some of the most beloved people, the love of my life amongst them (who is the one person responsible for me, keeping my sanity, while hell seems to break lose all over the world) , living a few thousand kilometres away, could be threatened by a cloud of nuclear waste!

I started to gather as much info as possible. I studied how to take 'precaution' (in how far you can take precaution in a desaster like this) and informed myself about Potassium iodide. How it works, how to take and to get it, the risks, almost everything i found on it. While doing this, i started gathering more information on a second issue: the weather.

Sure, back in school, i learned how to read weather and IR maps of satelites. But most of it i already forgot, so i had to begin from zero. First problem there: if you need to search information for that, you wuill find like a million websites, selling you a full service, but the actual maps, i needed. After 3 hours, i found a map, i could use for this. And i was able to analize it.
'Fortunatelly', the wind is going to east, so not indonesia, but theWest coast of USA is in danger with that. It may sound selfish, but i was reliefed, after finding this out, and i felt like the weight of the whole last weeks, started to wear off me. I felt that tired and everything. As a conclusion, i decided to stop covering the news once again, for staying sane.
Because unless the other crises this year, there, a lot of people i care a lot about, were involved and endangered. Still, my friend in Japan, is not safe from the nuclear thread. I only can hope for the best!

to be continued, for sure! .......

More informations on the uprisings all over the world:

UPDATE 03:40 GMT: cctv (chinese channel) says that Honshu jolted by magnitude 6.0 aftershock. Kyushu island volcano erupts again shooting gas and ash 4,000 metres into the sky
I say no further... the worls HAS gone crazy!

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