Monday, March 14, 2011


June 2009.
I arrived in the Hostel in Jena. Trying to search a new flat in the town, i am studying in.
There i found two people, i ahd a pretty good connection right away. Nedal from Israel, and Hitomi from Japan.
Well and saearching a flat in Jena is something like an impossible task! We decided to move in together, in a flat in Weimar, a town 30 Kilometres away from Jena. In August 2009, we moved in our very own flat. We had a fourth flatmate, Ariadne, who we had met in the same Hostel back then.
It was wonderful. Still i love thinking about our discussions, where Hitomi and me, were talking about everyone and his mother. Where we were exchanging thoughts, fears, hopes for the future. there was barely an issue left out.
Yes of course, there were some problems, but most of the time, i loved living with those guys. I still burst out of laughing about the moment i entered the kitchen, and suddenly started coughing. Because Hitomi was cooking her soup. A soup, which consists of a while ginger root on one litre of soup! I still laugh about when she tried to say that she want to get Onions when she get kids (Wenn ich groß bin, will ich mal Zwiebeln haben). Though she was trying to say that she want twins in german: Zwillinge). This very second, i thought i must die, due to all this laughing!

Hitomi was there for me, when i had problems, she was there for me, when i needed someone to talk to, but no one was. During the year we lived together, Hitomi grew to be my little sister, who i loved a very lot.

I hate the day, Hitomi left for Japan again,for finishing her studies in there. Just two months, ago, she graduated. And right after that, she came to visit germany, Jena again. The times i have seen her, were really, REALLY good. I loved to see my sister again, talking to her. DAMN, I really missed that girl! I was happy to hear, that she is really fine. Found a job after her graduation, found a person, she is about to fall in love. Finally, she got what she deserved all those years!

Hitomi, my sister, I hope somehow you will be reading this.
But still, i want you to know anyway that: I love you Inoto-San, and the time i spent with you and Nedal in Weimar, i had some of the happiest i ever had. THANK YOU!

Update 2011-03-16 0:45 GMT: Luckily i got message from her. She was inline in IM a short time and she is fine. It is good to know that she is still good. Maybe i should stop, being that pessimistic! Although it is not easy, especially with so many sad and depressing news lately.

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