Thursday, June 26, 2008

Proud of germany? Fuck YOU!

During the Euope 2008 in Austria/Suisse, weird things happen here...
I just wait for the Year, where most of the german go with right arm up through the streets, shouting 'Heil Hitler'
After what happened yesterday there is NO DAMNED reason to be proud of germany!
This is a summarize of an police paper from yesterday:

'After the first semi-final of EURO 2008, a group of 20 to 30 strangers, attacked three turkish food stores.
they attacked in one of these stores at the Albertplatz the two turkish owners. Both had injures and had to got into medical care. In addiction the dark dressed people demolished the store adjustment and burnt a turkish flag.

After this, the attackers fled without being identified through Alaunstrasse. Smashed two Glasses of two more kebab snack bars, threw again bottles and burned more flags.'

So if there is someone out there who means, there is a reason to be proud of germany.. pleasemail me

THIS tendency makes me feel really affraid of the mext years and next football world-cup

Police of Saxony

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  1. yeah..but indonesia football here is worse..i mean the supporters..
    but yeah..i know how you think about nationality..;)