Tuesday, November 25, 2008

¡No pasarán!

Against Nazi-marchs on 13th and 14th of February 2009 in Dresden!

During the last ten years Nazis established their biggest annual demonstration in Dresden.
Up to 6.000 Nazis propagate the bombing of Dresden as „Allied Bombing Holocaust“. While passing the synagogue they are demanding vengeance and retaliation. Mayor and local government continue to put restrictions on the antifascist resistance. Last year nevertheless approx. 3.000 people blocked the Nazi demonstration. It is about us to stop their demonstration and take back the streets!

We will not let the nazis lie about history!

No more war! No more Fascism!

more information check: http://dresden1302.noblogs.org

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You have ever felt this sweet apathy, everyone hates that much?

Hours become ages, days a lifetime..

Everything is equal..

Nothing matters anymore...

Why i am still here? What else will happen?
Where is the sense of anything and which aims are worthful to reach in life?

What is the reason for us to be here, and what is important?


Nothing really matters cos once you are dead there is only silence.
Nothing matters then, cos you've reached nothing than maybe passed your genes to another generation.
When you found the right person to do so..
If not?

What is worth living right now?
Show me something, because i dont see anything like this!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In a Certain way i planned after Melt! Festival, to write more for my Blog, what happened with this plan, one can easy test with scrolling diown.. as good as nothing ;)

Well but those days were pretty stressful.. Especially through moving into a new flat in Jena (Yeah i searched for a flat in Jena, while semester beginning, I KNOW WHAT HELL IS LIKE), not that easy in a city with so many students and less empty space, to find a good flat.

Anyhow i found by accident some fellow sufferers and we decieded to found a shared-flat in Weimar (15 minutes by train to Jena, so its no problem).
Meanwhile we live in Weimar-West and in this time, i really love it.

First, my flat-mates are really international (Hitomi from Japan, Nedal From Israel and Ari from.. well Eisenach) and second, Weimar has a lot of culture and historic background, so its got an own pulse.. really like dresden in this mixture.
I recognized how i called Thuringia "my home" 2 months before, Dresden was everytime "my home" and Jena "the town where i study".

Anyway, its just transitional, because the plan is to be next summer in Indonesia.. it just depends on the Visa, i hope i will get.
Yes.. love is making me go far away. I really hope everything will happen like its planned ;)

Generally: studies began again, but my plan, really looks good.. Except for wednesday, no lectures before noon, every friday off from uni.. looks really good.

Well right now life turned really better.. only thing i need is a job in Weimar, then (almost) everything will be perfect..

I hope i will be able to blog more in future... depends on my stress Level

Thursday, October 09, 2008

You can find me in a church like this....

I swear.. if Church here yould be like this, i'd been there every sunday :o)


BTW: its NO FAKE! ! !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Proxy - Raven

Just found This track from 'the Proxy'

This tune makes me wanna

... scream
... party hard


but just listen for yourself ;)

PS: it is played by 'the big guys' like Boys Noize, Erol Erkan and Digitalism in every set the last days.. now u know why ;)

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Today i want to present a new program which is certainly in an open-beta-phase. its name is 'Digsby' .
Well in general i am full of praise for this application which needs just a little bit of memory, and that with this amount of features.

It was easily installed and personalized (it never took one minute after installation).

'Digsby' is like an all rounder for the most known Instant messengers (AIM, MSN, YAHOO, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber PLUS the Facebook chat)
I searched for a program which was able, to manage the unstable Facebook chat as an application, but 'Digsby' is more.

'Digsby' is even more than his 'sister Trillian', because it informs you about new email(on any pop/smpt email account) and also it alerts about news on MySpace and Facebook.
Well in general. I detected some mistakes. For example the ICQ chat crashes (but only when i talk with one special contact, its weird because all other contacts, i wrote with, it was working, just this one friend), so for her, the program doesn't open a new tab, i can write her messages but i do not get any message from her.
As in every non-original application, the file-transfer do not work, as well as changing fonts, color and so on.
And the Facebook feature is unfortunately not able to log in for alerting.

BUT as i said, it is a beta-version, so i hope the guys are able to fix these little mistakes. In general 'Digsby' is a very cool application, helping me using my limited memory very effective.

Fest der Völker

Well today some more or less political news: The 'Fest der Völker' (Nazi festival of the german nai-party NPD) is about to be held next weekend.
Not as planned in Jena but more in the province in 'Altenburg' so everyone has to come for blockading the 'european festival for RAC, NSBM and Conservative Music'. so 13.09.2008. Come to Altenburg, run the flag up! show resistance!

Show the fascists that they are NOT welcome neither in the city nor in the province!

P.S.: unfortunatelly i can not be there because i have to work that night.. :(

further information here (in german)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

more or less 'short' update

ummm the last days were in a certain way same stressy.
recently i don't know which day is today and a da off i hadn't since MELT!

Weekend? Whats this?
Free time? huh? is that something to eat?

well but
first things first: Yeah since one month I am Barkeeper in Magnolia hookah-lounge (A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) water pipe for smoking. A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits. Source: wikipedia ) Well but during school-holidays we need urgently people.. because everyone is in vacation and we need even more people than normal. That means Paul have to work more.

Well and i still have the other jobs in the reatsurant and the catering.. so it can happen that i have to work 14 hours a day xD
I do not want to mourn.. it is fun anyway but when the friends are suddenly only are 'customers' you can only say 'hello' and 'goodbye' to its bad. But its fun!

Talking about 14 hours a day: the Village fair dresden begins next week. Well i fear it...
Again one weekend.. three times working 12 hours a day.. three days full of stress, a beer wagon, 100 litre beer-barrels :-s and so on.
but i will get a damn lot of money for that ;)

Bad: i have everyday to do.. 6 weeks long.. even two of my three days off i planned everything the ONLY day i have no clue what to do is my own birthday. i Damn have no idea what to do then.
Well we will surely in lack of creative ideas be at the Elbe again:)

Well i hope the holidays are over soom, so i can take some time for myself... BERLIN, BERLIN, we drive to Berlin!
And maybe, before semester begins again, i will drive for a week to croatia. But we'll see how things are going.

Here are a few Pictures of the Shishalounge :o)

well now i have to prepare for work again.. so see you soon ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Melt! 2008

wet? great? stressfull? beautiful? funny? intoxicant? overwhelming? gorgeous?


Thats the word, describing the last weekend perfect!
2 months full of anticipation, 2 months of waiting for THIS weekend. MELT Festival, the time has come!

We started 9 am at Dresden main station.. (wanted to be there soon) well after a few hours of travelling by train, we arrived in Dessau. Just a short break for shopping and getting some food and then entering a regional bus. But the bus driver said: 'NO you have too much of luggage.. you have shuttle busses.. take these!' and started driving with 2 people in the bus.
Well so

Okay there were shuttles but 2 busses in one hour for 5.000 to 8.000 people is waaay too little.
Well after 4 hours of waiting for our bus, we did it.. we arrived at Ferropolis camping place.

Built up our tents (which was not fast enough for one of us, so he got on ALONE, while the others struggled with the tents.. GREAT!)

Changed our tickets, met Oli again because he lost his perforated part from the ticket.. standing around again, waiting again, hoped, cursed, and so on.

well till this moment we missed unfortunately Markus Kavka, Fotos and Dúné (NOOOOOOOO!)

Well after heavy rain and lot of trouble there was... more rain! Waited wet to the bones 90 minutes in front of the main stage. But When KATE NASH finally got on stage and played 'Mariella', then the wonderful song 'Birds' and i forgot and at the latest while she played 'Mouthwash' EVERITHING was forgot.

wet to the bones - don't matter!
totally chilled through - don't matter!
missed two of three must-see acts - DON'T MATTER (yes while waiting, 'does it offend you yeah' played at another stage)


After, the absolute highlight: EDITORS!
Try to imagine: two overburden excavators, 20 to 30 metres high, each to the left and the right side of the stage, an overwhelming laser show, full moon, and clouds sometimes covering the moon. as if this is not great enough, the wonderful voice of the terrific Tom Smith!

I forgot for a while where i am, just closed my eyes, danced in full extasy.


Saturday was great.. after sleeping 2 hours, we raved, danced, got totally wet again, saved our tent, it was ALL wet.. the tent: a puddle in it. :'(

Wonderful was the Audiolith-Rave at the car-lot.. unfortunately without free-beer and without brawl. But broke-up Disco! woah it was great:

hey you see this freak at the beginning down there? ;)

Sunday was cool.
Good weather.. Main stage, Sun without end, laying down, chilling.
there is nothing better than live-music, summer and a beer in combination!

We seen Los Campesinos (great) Neon Neon (absurd but awesome) Get well soon (very beautiful.. wonderful lyrics with a melancholic sound) Battles (well not my type of music)
and Hot Chip. They did a really great show.. danced without a morning!

All in all It was really stressful, but the pleasure we got compensated everything.
Well next year we go again, and i hope to see you there ;)
It was worth of all ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Proud of germany? Fuck YOU!

During the Euope 2008 in Austria/Suisse, weird things happen here...
I just wait for the Year, where most of the german go with right arm up through the streets, shouting 'Heil Hitler'
After what happened yesterday there is NO DAMNED reason to be proud of germany!
This is a summarize of an police paper from yesterday:

'After the first semi-final of EURO 2008, a group of 20 to 30 strangers, attacked three turkish food stores.
they attacked in one of these stores at the Albertplatz the two turkish owners. Both had injures and had to got into medical care. In addiction the dark dressed people demolished the store adjustment and burnt a turkish flag.

After this, the attackers fled without being identified through Alaunstrasse. Smashed two Glasses of two more kebab snack bars, threw again bottles and burned more flags.'

So if there is someone out there who means, there is a reason to be proud of germany.. pleasemail me

THIS tendency makes me feel really affraid of the mext years and next football world-cup

Police of Saxony

Monday, June 16, 2008

BRN 2008 - a review

The Bunte Republik Neustadt (german, colorful republic of Neustadt) is a 3-day musical event that occurs every year in June in Dresden's outer Neustadt in Saxony in Germany.

The Name Bunte Republik refers to Bundesrepublik (federal republic), as it was founded in 1990[...] Originally the BRN was meant as a kind of a free state, in this time of change. In the first years it even had a “fun”-government . Bunt means multi-colored in German.

During the festival, the streets are closed off in this area, the streets are filled with vendors selling food and drink, DJs playing music and live bands. It is attended by mostly the alternative youth. In 2006, more than 150,000 people attended, and over 100 bands played in the streets and parks of this area. In total, it presents more than 1000 artists.

Source: wikipedia


staple food: caffein-pills, Beer
disappointement: 2 old friends, who wanted to come, but which haven't react to my SMS
seen parents: 90 Minutes xD
slept: about4 hours

been there: 7 pm - 8 am
highlight: went to Drum & Bass in Circus tent till 7 am ,met a lot of old friends
the bomb: the crazy friends of Frank :)
been most time: Alaunpark
seen live: Bands in Apark, Ken Guru & the Highjumpers (SkaPunk)
dancet to: mosh in Alaunpark
beautiful: talked to all my ppl
bad: too drunk (mixing beer + Tequilla isn't a good idea)
missed: riot next to us in Alaunpark


been there: 7 pm - 5 am
absolute highlight: Silent Poem at the stage in front of the Luther-church
the bomb: vinz while trying to make a fire and riot.. and the cops, trying to calm the situation ^^
been most time: Alaunpark
seen live: Silent Poem & a lot of electro parties
danced to:
Silent Poem .. 2 hrs of pogo ;)
beautiful: seen so much this day
bad: too many people there.. needed 45 minutes for a way which is normally 5 minutes

been there: 3 pm - 11 pm
absolute highlight: Neustadt, with much space ;)
the bomb: Tommy.. he was like dead xD
been most time: BulBol, chilling, smoking waterpipe
seen live: Ken Guru & The Highjumpers (SkaPunk), Eric Münch (a friend) and Band
danced to: in THIS condition? lol

beautiful: relaxed totally with a waterpipe and some beer
bad: the waether, and that is one year to the next BRN

All in all a beautiful weekend , the reason why BRN is one of the highlights since years, every year. Okay the weather could have been better.. a little bit more sun had been great ^^
All in all 100.000 people went there this weekend in my opinion TOO much. But unlike the last years it was quiet.. no big riot, no fights and very good atmosphere.

Well it was great and i am waiting for BRN 2009.
Here's a track which fits 100% to this weekend: Lützenkirchen - 3 Tage Wach (3 days awake)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

huh!? look I´ve found something! But already lost it !

I never searched for it in this vein..
but I already found it

I found something really delightful..
I don´t realized what it was in general..
but as fast as I found it I already lost it..
but what was it?

was it friendship? I don´t think so
was it love? I don´t think so!

but after losing it I realized what it was..
it was like the other side of the medal..
it was like the Yan found his Yin..
It was.. congeniality of souls!

but the Yan made a mistake!

The Yan treated the Yin in a way,
it never wont be treated..
so the Yin left the Yan after really being linked..

The Yan´s sorry for that but understand the Yin´s decission...
The Yan even acted the same..

So maybe the Yin could forgive the Yan!
maybe not..
maybe in another life!

maybe in another life:
The Yin!
The Yan!
two souls!
Finally Combined!
like they should be!