Thursday, September 04, 2008


Today i want to present a new program which is certainly in an open-beta-phase. its name is 'Digsby' .
Well in general i am full of praise for this application which needs just a little bit of memory, and that with this amount of features.

It was easily installed and personalized (it never took one minute after installation).

'Digsby' is like an all rounder for the most known Instant messengers (AIM, MSN, YAHOO, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber PLUS the Facebook chat)
I searched for a program which was able, to manage the unstable Facebook chat as an application, but 'Digsby' is more.

'Digsby' is even more than his 'sister Trillian', because it informs you about new email(on any pop/smpt email account) and also it alerts about news on MySpace and Facebook.
Well in general. I detected some mistakes. For example the ICQ chat crashes (but only when i talk with one special contact, its weird because all other contacts, i wrote with, it was working, just this one friend), so for her, the program doesn't open a new tab, i can write her messages but i do not get any message from her.
As in every non-original application, the file-transfer do not work, as well as changing fonts, color and so on.
And the Facebook feature is unfortunately not able to log in for alerting.

BUT as i said, it is a beta-version, so i hope the guys are able to fix these little mistakes. In general 'Digsby' is a very cool application, helping me using my limited memory very effective.

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