Friday, January 30, 2009

Hedgehogs Dilemma

Yesterday I watched again Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Episode 4: Hedgehogs Dilemma
A theory basing on the work of german philosopher Shopenhauer

"A group of hedgehogs all seek to become close to one another in order to share their heat during cold weather. However, once accomplished, they cannot avoid hurting one another with their sharp quills. They must step away from one another. Though they all share the intention of a close reciprocal relationship, this may not occur for reasons which they cannot avoid."

Pretty interesting thoughts made me think a long time about a lot of things happened in my past

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  1. good quotes! it made me think too about my past. hmm it looks like that i'm similar with the hedgehogs, when i'm in a close relationship, i cant avoid to hurting him :'(