Friday, January 30, 2009


OMG: THIS is EXACTLY why i love kate Nash.. these random lyrics but so damn sweet.
Thats so Typical Kate: a song Called I HATE SEAGULLS and then it turns out to be a wonderful love song.
I can only repeat. Kate is definitely the best Singer/Songwriter i ever seen.

I hate seagulls
And I hate being sick
I hate burning my finger on the toaster
And I hate knits
I hate falling over
I hate grazing my knee
I hate picking off the scab a little bit too early
I hate getting toothache
I hate when it's a piss take
I hate all the mistakes I make
I hate rude ignorant bastards
And I hate snobbery
I hate anyone who if I was serving chips wouldn't talk to me
I have a friend
With whom I like to spend
Any time I can find with
I like sleeping in your bed
I like knowing what is going on inside your head
I like taking time and I like your mind
And I like when your hand is in mine

I like getting drunk on the tunes by the beach
I like picking strawberries
I like cream teas and I like reading ghost stories
And my heart skips a beat every time that we met
It's been a while and now your smile is almost like a memory
But then you're back and I am fine 'cause you're with me and I'm in love with you
And I can't find the words to make it sound unique
But honestly you make me strong!
I can't believe I've found someone this kind
I hope you'll carry on
'Cause you're so nice and I'm in love with you..

Hedgehogs Dilemma

Yesterday I watched again Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Episode 4: Hedgehogs Dilemma
A theory basing on the work of german philosopher Shopenhauer

"A group of hedgehogs all seek to become close to one another in order to share their heat during cold weather. However, once accomplished, they cannot avoid hurting one another with their sharp quills. They must step away from one another. Though they all share the intention of a close reciprocal relationship, this may not occur for reasons which they cannot avoid."

Pretty interesting thoughts made me think a long time about a lot of things happened in my past

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DELL sucks!

If there is anyone out there who wants to buy a new Laptop: DONT BUY DELL!
i have my Inspiron 1501 since one year and it makes more and more problems.. delay while typing, uncountable crashes while running and so on...

now i 'googeled' (Damn i hate this word) for the typing delay problem.. and on one page i found a guy with the very same Laptop and the very same problem.. he solved it just by removing the battery.. and since then my Laptop is working perfect again. no Problems..
Seems like Dell isn't able to create good batteries, because i heard of many other people with Dell laptops that the batteries started to live 30 minutes and then they die.. after half a year (!!!)

so.. better search for a more expensive but safer solution!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 - Gone for good

Another year passed.. there were good things going on, as well as bad things.. a lot of work and a lot of money thrown out.. dreams were destroyed and new dreams raised..
While time is passing, i tried to be myself, go my way even if there were some really heavy troubles and walls in the middle of my way.. i was able to climb them and leave them behind.
Some of those problems i still carrying around, even when i planned to get rid of them the last year, but there is still time.
I wonder what the new year will bring, one thing is for sure it will bring a lot of new stuff.
A new life, a new culture, new friends, new ways to master my life. I will lose some things, which are really important to me by now. but sometimes its necessary to say goodbye, even if you dont like it.
Anyway. the last year in its summary, was pretty good and brought me heavy lot of beautiful stuff, included the best thing ever happened to me.

Following will be a short summary of 2008 including Music, Events and Movies


The top Album of the past year.. Beautiful melancholic Melodies, connected with extremely great lyrics.
Slut are able with every new album to take you on an emotional journey between euphoria, optimism, depression and pessimism. There are again songs on this album, which are able to break free all this emotions in the very same moment

Example: Slut - Wednesday (Track 05)

Powerful music between Indie, Nu-Rave-extremely-pumping-Electro.
WRONG! DIOYY are nothing of those stereotypes. Indie-influenced electro?
Electro-influenced Indie? Who knows!
THIS is what makes this band this interesting, with this highly interesting mixture, they did one of the best albums of the last year, but see for yourself.. and if you find a category for them, let me know =)

Example: DIOYY - We are Rockstars (Track 03)

Well it was published december 2007 so technical its no album of this year but anyway its the most heard, and really best album of this year.
Its also the really masterpiece of this great, german band, connected with a tour which sent me on one of the most emotional evenings i ever had.
Letzte Instanz Unplugged - GREAT!
Every song for this Album re-performed and completely new interpretated.
PERFECT tor sentimental moments!

Example: Letzte Instanz - Das Weisse Lied (Track 09) (english-translated lyrics)

The Links referr to the page, i reported about the Event.

The Links referr to the Wikipedia pages, giving Information about the Movie