Monday, June 16, 2008

BRN 2008 - a review

The Bunte Republik Neustadt (german, colorful republic of Neustadt) is a 3-day musical event that occurs every year in June in Dresden's outer Neustadt in Saxony in Germany.

The Name Bunte Republik refers to Bundesrepublik (federal republic), as it was founded in 1990[...] Originally the BRN was meant as a kind of a free state, in this time of change. In the first years it even had a “fun”-government . Bunt means multi-colored in German.

During the festival, the streets are closed off in this area, the streets are filled with vendors selling food and drink, DJs playing music and live bands. It is attended by mostly the alternative youth. In 2006, more than 150,000 people attended, and over 100 bands played in the streets and parks of this area. In total, it presents more than 1000 artists.

Source: wikipedia


staple food: caffein-pills, Beer
disappointement: 2 old friends, who wanted to come, but which haven't react to my SMS
seen parents: 90 Minutes xD
slept: about4 hours

been there: 7 pm - 8 am
highlight: went to Drum & Bass in Circus tent till 7 am ,met a lot of old friends
the bomb: the crazy friends of Frank :)
been most time: Alaunpark
seen live: Bands in Apark, Ken Guru & the Highjumpers (SkaPunk)
dancet to: mosh in Alaunpark
beautiful: talked to all my ppl
bad: too drunk (mixing beer + Tequilla isn't a good idea)
missed: riot next to us in Alaunpark


been there: 7 pm - 5 am
absolute highlight: Silent Poem at the stage in front of the Luther-church
the bomb: vinz while trying to make a fire and riot.. and the cops, trying to calm the situation ^^
been most time: Alaunpark
seen live: Silent Poem & a lot of electro parties
danced to:
Silent Poem .. 2 hrs of pogo ;)
beautiful: seen so much this day
bad: too many people there.. needed 45 minutes for a way which is normally 5 minutes

been there: 3 pm - 11 pm
absolute highlight: Neustadt, with much space ;)
the bomb: Tommy.. he was like dead xD
been most time: BulBol, chilling, smoking waterpipe
seen live: Ken Guru & The Highjumpers (SkaPunk), Eric Münch (a friend) and Band
danced to: in THIS condition? lol

beautiful: relaxed totally with a waterpipe and some beer
bad: the waether, and that is one year to the next BRN

All in all a beautiful weekend , the reason why BRN is one of the highlights since years, every year. Okay the weather could have been better.. a little bit more sun had been great ^^
All in all 100.000 people went there this weekend in my opinion TOO much. But unlike the last years it was quiet.. no big riot, no fights and very good atmosphere.

Well it was great and i am waiting for BRN 2009.
Here's a track which fits 100% to this weekend: Lützenkirchen - 3 Tage Wach (3 days awake)

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