Sunday, March 16, 2008

huh!? look I´ve found something! But already lost it !

I never searched for it in this vein..
but I already found it

I found something really delightful..
I don´t realized what it was in general..
but as fast as I found it I already lost it..
but what was it?

was it friendship? I don´t think so
was it love? I don´t think so!

but after losing it I realized what it was..
it was like the other side of the medal..
it was like the Yan found his Yin..
It was.. congeniality of souls!

but the Yan made a mistake!

The Yan treated the Yin in a way,
it never wont be treated..
so the Yin left the Yan after really being linked..

The Yan´s sorry for that but understand the Yin´s decission...
The Yan even acted the same..

So maybe the Yin could forgive the Yan!
maybe not..
maybe in another life!

maybe in another life:
The Yin!
The Yan!
two souls!
Finally Combined!
like they should be!

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