Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No, the world hasn't gone mad...

...just angry!

earlier this year, i posted the latest developments and there, i already assumed that by the end of this year, the face of our world wont be the same as in January.

Well, the developments the months since then, just proofed this thesis.
Greek announced bankruptcy, the financial situation in the western europe states Spain and Portugal is everything but calm as well, in the british capital London, the yout is rioting and looting since days, the USA stood very closely before a bankruptcy too, the Euro is going to get weaker on a daily base.

As if this would not be enough, some far right idiots are starting terror. because they blame the Norway government for killing the population of Norway with their immigration laws. And the chinese still get more and more affraid.

Egypt is at the brink of yet another revolution since the first revolution only resulted in Hosni Mubaraks resignation, else, nothing has changed.

And in all this, our conventional media is taking a whole other place than they used to have. Thanks to the internet, they are evrything but acual. They are merely summing up the events of the last 24 hours, but if you want to get real time informations, you better turn to facebook, twitter, etc.
In times of the internet, the conventional media gets an obsolete byproduct, because 24 hours just isnt fast enough anymore!

They say, 2012 is marking the beginning of a new era, not the end of the world or other "Doomsday-scenarios" the media often paints. The mayan calendar only says that, due to the constellation of the stars, a new era for mankind, a new system begins.

But looking at the latest developements, this is only a logic conclusion, the traditional system is flawed, those flaws got exploited over and over again. And instead of curing the root of those infections, politicians always try to cure the symptoms.

It is just like a doctor, who always prescribes different kinds of painkillers, if the stomach is hurting, instead of curing what is causing those pains. Somewhere, there is a point, those painkillers proof effectless, because of the plain overdosage, or the body getting immune. Then this doctor either lets the patiend die, or suffer for the rest of his life, or he tries a completely different approach, than medication.

The point, when the painkillers stopped to work, has been reached in my opinion, in egypt.
As i already said in another post:
getting more and more clear each passing day: By the end of this year, our world wont be the same.I think this year, we will have to undergo some HUGE changes.

The closer we get there, the more i believe that.

Lets just hope it will be for good!

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