Sunday, February 20, 2011

lets hope, it will be an enhancement!

Since beginning this year, one thing is getting more and more clear each passing day:
By the end of this year, our world wont be the same.
I think this year, we will have to undergo some HUGE changes.

Because its not "just" northern africa protesting.
The downfall of the existing regimes will bring heavy changes to our western economy.

EGYPT was one of the biggest allies of the US, controlling the suez canal which is thegate to the asian world for europe and america. Its a stratecically important point

LYBIA, where the situation is getting more and more out of hand, is one of the biggest oil suppliers to the western world. So a change in the lybian politics will heavily change the price of oil, which we know is one of the most important resources of the US/European economy. Without oil, we are going to experience heavy problems. Prices for everything are going to get up in a big manner.
How an industrialized country works without the supply of oil, you can see if you just take a brief look to Northern Corea, since the US cut the oil supplies, the country is rotting more and more!

BAHRAIN, another strategically important point of the US, where several Marine batallions of the US Navy are staged, is at the brink of serious changes as well.
This means the USA are going to lose one more important ally and is going to lose influence on the world map once more.

The IRAN just was entering the suez canal with two battleships, heading towards SYRIA, trying to exploit the recent situation in northern africa to get out ot those uprisings with any kind of advantage.
What they are doing and what their objectives are is yet unclear.
But this will complicate the Crisis once more.
Yet the situations were "only" inner-lateral and every of the countries had to take care of their own people. But once, Iran is going to attack, the situation becomes uni-lateral and then, no one could predict the outcome!

And lets not forget the whole ISRAEL issue! Yet it has been silent around the whole issue. But Al Jazeera was realeasing just two months ago the so called "Palestine Papers" which contains 1,684 total documents which show the whole Middle-East Proces in another light. The whole process, yet happpened in secret, but the publishing of the Palestine papers reaveals some big surprises, concerning the proces. Still we have to wait, until the documents are going to get fully analyzed.
One thing i realized hile having a brief look over the papers: The whole situation is WAY MORE complicated as i ever thought it was. so i think no one, being not involved in the peace proces is not nearly qualified enough to develop his own opinion. Even if you go through the whole papers.

So let us all pray that the recent situations are all solved in the best, possible way, liberating the long supressed peoples all over northern africa, even if "WE" will have to face disadvantages out of this!

#1 If thats all not enough, the CHINESE government gets pretty much nervous about the recent worlds situation.

#2 The Resistance is not stopping at the borders of the U.S.! WISCONSIN is pretty much struggling for their rights as well!

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