Thursday, February 17, 2011

A spectre is hauning Sinai - the spectre of freedom!

Lebanon is on the brink of creating a new government, one the population is asking for!

Egypt is still in unrest, though Mubarak is gone, nothing has changed, the reformation process is still going on.

While both countries are in the middle of their more or less peaceful changes, the spirit goes on further and further!

Lybia, is on the brink of escalating. No one really knows what exactly happens there and how people are thinking. People who are dependant on the government such as students and so on are being forced to demonstrate for the government, which is showed all over TV, so Ghadaffi tries to calm down the population by bribing people.

Bahrain is starting to get really chaotic at the moment, since police and military try to answer with violence, unrest is getting slowly out of hand.

Yemen and Iran are in an unclear state at the moment. One thing is sure: the Lebanese Revolution started to infect more and more people all over northern Africa/Arabia.
Yet already this revolution changed the face of the world nowaday, during the next year, we will see if this change whether has been good or bad for peoples freedom.

And one more thing: Since global awareness has been raising more and more since the Wikileaks incident and the momentary situation in Northern Africa, the word of "ANONYMOUS" is getting spread more and more widely.

For further information, look here:

Al Jazeera livestream - covers the recent developments 24/7
Anonymous News Network - Getting new information from the underground around the clock
We Are All Khaled Said - Point zero of the Egypt revolution. Still contains useful information about the government changing procedure - The recent adress of Wikileaks, constantly changing since they are on a game of cats and mouse with most of the worlds authorities
Interactive map including the latest twitter feeds on the arab uprisings

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