Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Academic Freedom and the Corporatization of Universities

Today a lection of Mr Chomsky about Academic Freedom and the Corporatization of Universities.

Here, it has finally been said:  The problems of university, and as well schools, healthcare and every other public fund institution is egoism. Especially in the US (not just there, all over Europe as well), people start to think that they dont have children, why should they pay for the education of other people? They are not sick, why should they pay for other peoples sickness? 

Of course this is the very problem. Most people live on their own, not caring about the people, or what is happening all around them (just look at ideas to save our enviroment, just ask why there hasnt been any efford put into finding an alternate energy source, far from oil). 
"Social security is based on a very dangerous Idea: It's based on the Idea, that you care about other people, that you care whether the disabled widow across the street has food. [...] What do i care? [...] The public attack on the public schools is based on the same principle 
So i dont have kids in school. So according to the principle, i should say: i dont have kids in school, why so why should i pay taxes? So that the kid over there could go to school? [...] So if you go down to the debts of savagery, we just dont care about anything but yourself. Thats the right attitude. 
Social security and public schools challenge that attitude, so they have to be dismantled. Kind of hard to proof this, nobody says it, but i think it is pretty clear"

This exactly what i think aboutall those debates about SOCIAL security (else it would be called asocial security), the very root of the problem is egoism!
People should really start to care about what is happening around them, and others, not only themselves 

P.S.: I know i have been lazy lately but there will be more to come soon. I Promise 

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