Saturday, November 06, 2010

My heart is beating for Drums... And for Bass ;)

WHOA... last night was awesome... Okay the only thing you can do in Jena, is Drum and Bass at rosenkeller once a Month..
The rest is not for me... too many people i dont like or just shitty music.. but once a month, theres at least a chance to have a really good night...
Only thing I hate, is that i never have the courage to talk to women i find really attractive.. guess im still too shy for that.. and since im alone there (cos none of my friends here listens to DNB), theres no one to give me some asskicks till i talk to them..... ARGH okay one more thing, i gotta add on the list of thing I have to do or I want to change...
Eventhough my Brother (who was supposed to visit me this week, but never called or anything) wasnt there, it was a realy great night..

hehe usually i just dont like Rosenkeller cos the only thing they play there seems to be Indie and all the "The-Bands" whichn is nothing new, nothing good and nothing i could attend and have fun WITHOUT being fully drunk ^^

Well we will see if i have the courage next month.. hehe until then Theres only one thing to do: I really can recommend you (dear reader) to listen to some songs ob B-Complex the tunes this guy creates are awesome.. something to dream and fade away! Even people who dont even listen to any kind of electronic music approved this opinion!
So just enjoy the tune, the moment, the day till we see again!

Take Care guys!

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