Friday, October 22, 2010

Long time no see...

A lot of things happened since I started to abandon this blog... why I left it? I guess I was just too lazy!

I try to give a short review:
- I Failed my studies (Physics REALLY SUCKS!)
- I but FINALLY i found what I really want to do..
- I had a freaking accident... I don't wanna talk too much about it, since I dont remember it anyway.. Well.. it was just a very stupid idea which was resulting in a few months of hospital.
After spending 5 months between people aged 70+ you know EVERYTHING .... about yourself.. you really got a lot of time thinking about EVERYTHING twice... your past, your present, your future.. well and you get a lot of clear answers, Of who you were, who you are and who youre gonna be!

In fact, since then, my life got way better than it was before...
I got my acceptance in Indonesia! Thats right, im going to be in indonesia in one year, for my four months internship. I really cant wait.. i mean.. i was supposed to be there a while ago, but due to my first studies..which failed, the internship (and with it all plans I had in mind) were going down as well.
But FINALLY, im getting there, and the circumstances are so much better than before.. Its like a dream coming true, and I really cant wait for it.

Well meanwhile im in the third Semester of my studies, so it seems like I already got half the way...

Well.. Life was really troubling these times.. And im really thankful for everyone who was there for me when i needed them the most..
Especially to my Colombian Angel
As a result of life and patience summed up, everything got better than I ever dared to dream about. Im really glad, life turned all out that well.
So now, there is only one thing missing since a while... SHE!
Well we... I will try my really best, and everything within my powers to make it work! I mean.. though there is only a slight chance, if I wouldnt try, I think i would blame myself for the rest of my life!
So either we are made for each other, and we find a way and make it work, or its just not meant to be. This would be a really sad case but all we can do, is always try our best, and keep the hope up that everything is going the way, its supposed to be. Even if it wouldnt work out, I wouldnt regret any thing! ...

"i wouldnt regret any thing" That kind of became my lifes philosophy since the accident When I die, I want to look back and tell myself in the deepest honesty: "I didnt regret any thing at all". I just read the Blog again.. okay I have to admit that I wrote all those lines below in a really hard, and depressive phase. And one more thing got clearer while I was in the hospital: It was close, DAMN close.. I mean if it wouldnt be for the army of guardian angels, who were there at the right time, in the right spot, I could have lost some things, maybe everything!
Life's Precious, and everyone should try and make the best out of it! Im ashamed reading some of my posts before... Now, some years later, I see a lot of things different!

also, I met a lot of people, i really love.. Unfortunatelly i havent met them all in person.. a few though. But if everything goes like planned, i will have met with all of them the next years.
Facebook and Co. affected my life in a way i never thought its possible. Friendship, Love, even my studies i wouldnt do yet, if i havent had the idea due to friends i met on facebook, and now i couldnt think off any other thing i would like to study, or i would work with later.

Well.. its been a long journey since my last post.. a lot of things happened, a lot of things havent happened. Those things shaped my life, shaped me, to the person I am now... Different than before but still, I am a man trying to make his own way, trying to make the best out of life, trying to create my life I have been dreaming about so often!
Im already on my way there, but its still a lot of work to do, of course.. great aims arent reached for nothing!
And so much luck, No one can have (not even my Brother) that everything happens the way its planned, for no work. And besides that: Life would be so boring, if i would know the details of the future!

See you next time!

BTW: I know this tune since two Months... and i still cant forget it, this tune creates a perfect calm mood in my Heart and Mind!

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